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The Pros and Cons of Cloud Storage

6:42 am  .   April 7, 2010  .   admin

We’ve discussed cloud computing and Web-based applications in this post. What we haven’t really talked about yet is “cloud storage” or online storage. Most of you probably had, at least at one time, to choose whether you’re going to put your data or files on…

Google Maps – Behind the scenes

7:30 am  .   April 1, 2010  .   admin

When we first started working on Project Butterfly, we set a goal to revolutionize the way CAD / GIS users create and collaborate. Integrating Google Maps into Project Butterfly is just one of those new capabilities and possibilities an online CAD platform such as ours can…

New Version of Butterfly – Google Maps and more

7:55 am  .   March 28, 2010  .   admin

Project Butterfly has gone through a major upgrade last week. We have released a new version with new features and tweaks: Large raster support Google Maps integration New Collaboration widget Measure tools Project Butterfly, Meet Google Maps You can now overlay your design on a…

The Code Behind Project Butterfly and a Word About Flexibility

12:07 am  .   March 18, 2010  .   admin

I’m sure some of you are interested in knowing a bit more about the insides of Project Butterfly. Some users have asked me how do we keep up the fast release rate. This post will try to answer both questions by providing background details of…

Control at Your Hands

6:54 am  .   March 16, 2010  .   admin

Permissions are what makes Project Butterfly’s collaboration flexible and fit for any task. There are two kinds of permissions in Butterfly: Edit – Your collaborator can edit the drawing, draw new objects, and edit annotations. Download – Your collaborator can save the DWG file to…

Web-Based Applications for Daily Use

1:56 am  .   March 11, 2010  .   admin

This post will not be about Butterfly, but rather on the way our team works with different applications. We want to share with you our passion towards Web-based applications. We love using cloud computing, Web-based applications, SaaS. Call it however you like. The Internet provides…