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AutoCAD WS Team and their Androids

6:01 pm  .   January 17, 2011  .   admin

If you’ve ever read this blog before or visited our Facebook page, you may have noticed that almost every story we publish is swiftly followed by calls for an Android version of the AutoCAD WS mobile app. We are very proud that we have been…

AutoCAD WS 1.2 – A Sneak Preview

2:37 pm  .   January 13, 2011  .   admin

It’s too early to give you a full list of the new functionality that we will be adding to AutoCAD WS in the next update, but I thought it would be nice to share something cool with you. Snap Preview is essentially a built in…

AutoCAD WS 1.1 FAQ

3:07 pm  .   January 11, 2011  .   admin

Now that the latest version of the AutoCAD WS has been available for a month, we thought it was time to bring together the most frequently asked questions about the release and address them again in one place. Q: How Does Offline Support work? When…

AutoCAD WS Command Line, Part 2

4:19 pm  .   January 6, 2011  .   admin

Something very interesting happened following the last post about potentially introducing a command line to AutoCAD WS. I presented four options about the placement of a command line in AutoCAD and then posted a poll where you could choose which one you liked best. We…

What Would A Command Line in AutoCAD WS Look Like? – Poll

7:12 pm  .   January 2, 2011  .   admin

One of the most conspicuous differences between the full version of AutoCAD and our web application AutoCAD WS is the command line. When we designed the interface for AutoCAD WS, we left out the physical representation of the command line. But even without seeing the…

AutoCAD WS – Best of 2010

4:17 pm  .   December 30, 2010  .   admin

As we wrap up an eventful 12 months, I thought it would be nice to revisit some of the important milestones over the past year. We also want to thank you, our community of users, for embracing AutoCAD WS and engaging with us whether on…