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Meet Misha – Core developer and Skipper!

3:54 am  .   October 2, 2014  .   Misha Klatis | Core Developer at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Misha Klatis My Job Title: AutoCAD360 Core Developer What I actually do: As a part of the CORE team, I develop the SDK that the mobile apps are built on. My regular day consists of both developing the core algorithms and solving…

Everything you need to know about working offline with AutoCAD 360!

10:11 am  .   September 30, 2014  .   admin

The ability to work offline gives flexibility a whole new meaning to our users. Drawings can now be reviewed and edited conveniently in the field through your mobile devices! How does this work? AutoCAD 360 is a cloud application. This means that you will upload…

Learn How to be Proficient with Layers

5:32 am  .   September 23, 2014  .   admin

Want to learn how to be proficient with layers? Layers truly make a complicated drawing easily navigated. To start, the layers feature can be accessed through the Drawing Tools Menu. New layers can be created Layers’ visibility can be turned on / off manually or…

AutoCAD 360 helps Autodesk win the 2013-2014 Best Global Cloud Practices Award!

1:42 am  .   September 22, 2014  .   Macro-Liang Liu | Project Manager at AutoCAD 360

To boost the rapid development of the cloud computing industry in China, and to help domestic companies go global, Cloud Connect China 2014 has announced the 1st Annual “Top Cloud Connect Awards” program. This program is produced by UBM Tech and focused on cloud computing’s…

Meet Sharin – User researcher, traveler and Salsa dancer!

6:08 am  .   September 18, 2014  .   Sharin Regev | User Research at AutoCAD 360

My name is:  Sharin Regev My Job Title: User Researcher What I actually do: As a User Researcher, I’m devoted to bettering the users’ experience by various means. It starts first with understanding better the big picture of our users workflow and needs – by…

Learn the Dimensioning Tools

9:55 am  .   September 15, 2014  .   admin

Dimensions are a key part for recreating a drawing successfully in real life. AutoCAD 360 recognizes that dimensions are on everything; therefore, we provide you with four different tools to measure out dimensions in a drawing. These four options are Linear, Diameter, Radius, and Angular…