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Live Like a Superhero

10:30 am  .   February 11, 2015  .   admin

The comics have allowed us to use boundless imagination to create some of our best and most over-the-top designs. A different planet? A giant cave? With no limits to what can be, we can envision amazing things. But can these places really exist? We’ve compiled…

10 Reasons to Love AutoCAD 360

10:00 am  .   February 9, 2015  .   admin

Working from a mobile device can feel like a whole different ballgame. Our goal is to create a seamless way for our users to bridge the gap between office and field. As AutoCAD 360 develops, so do the many features within our toolset. Things are…

AutoCAD 360′s Favorite Subterranean Designs

5:10 am  .   February 2, 2015  .   admin

Today our furry little groundhog friend makes his 2015 debut to determine whether this stormy winter will continue. It is in this spirit that we have made a festive list of our 10 favorite underground masterpieces. As much as we can hope for an early…

Working Offline During Snowmageddon

10:00 am  .   January 28, 2015  .   admin

Is Snowmageddon 2015 messing with your Internet connection? Fear not. Even if you lose connectivity, you can still work offline with AutoCAD 360, provided that you have previously signed in with your credentials. In order to save your file locally, simply open the drawing.  Tap…

AutoCAD 360 for Windows 8.1 – The full version is out!

7:49 am  .   January 5, 2015  .   admin

We’re super proud to announce the official full version of AutoCAD 360 for Windows 8.1! Six months after we released the basic viewer, we now offer a full version, customized specially for the Windows 8.1 experience. Many of your suggestions have been implemented, so we…

Using AutoCAD 360 to build… A radio controlled plane!

7:32 am  .   December 23, 2014  .   admin

Robert Boxhoorn, an 18-year-old talented student from the Netherlands, found a creative use for AutoCAD360 – he designs and builds radio-controlled planes! Robert is also an intern at a Dutch flight academy, and intends to get a masters education in aircraft engineering. Robert wrote: “I’ve…