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Meet Benny – Backend Software Architect and Boulderer!

5:11 am  .   November 19, 2014  .   Benny Bauer | AutoCAD 360 Backend Software Architect

My name is: Benny Bauer My Job Title: AutoCAD 360 Backend Software Architect What I actually do: I’m working on the long term technical vision of AutoCAD 360 backend (servers, storage, databases), leading technological proof of concept projects and taking part in the everyday development…

Save time and resources using your Autodesk ID!

2:10 am  .   November 17, 2014  .   admin

All of you have seen this screen at least one time when opening AutoCAD 360, asking you to log in with your Autodesk ID or Email. An Autodesk ID can save you a lot of time signing up for Autodesk websites/apps, remembering user names and…

Meet Max – Core developer at ACAD 360 and comics artist!

5:24 am  .   November 13, 2014  .   Max Rasking | Core developer at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Max Raskin My Job Title: Senior Software Engineer at the AutoCAD360 Core Team What I actually do: The Core team develops the engine of AutoCAD360 which is reused by our platform. As a core developer, among my responsibilities, is to provide platform…

Blocks are your Friends

6:08 am  .   November 10, 2014  .   admin

Have your drawings ever had identical objects needed to be drawn such as chairs, tables or symbols? It’s a hassle to draw these individually, right? AutoCAD 360 created the Blocks Palette to solve that issue! This feature can be found in the Palettes bar, on…

Do you Utilize all your Tools When Exporting?

2:51 am  .   November 6, 2014  .   admin

To export a drawing as a PDF? Or as a DWF file? That is the question. AutoCAD 360 allows you to export either way! Exporting can be done from the drawing mode. In the top right corner, tap the icon that is a box with…

AutoCAD 360 – Tabby Awards /Business 2014 WINNER!

10:51 am  .   November 3, 2014  .   Dorit Ksiazek | Community Manager at AutoCAD 360

The Tabby Awards /Business 2014 winners were announced today and AutoCAD 360 won big time! Competing against a lot of great apps from all over the globe, AutoCAD 360 won in the Android “In the Field” and iPad “Productivity” categories and was considered a finalist…