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Copy Cat: The art of copying in AutoCAD 360

3:54 am  .   August 4, 2014  .   admin

Want to learn how to copy objects more efficiently? You’ve come to the right place! Copying is done in three steps: 1) Select the object or objects you would like to copy. 2) Tap the “Copy” button in the Editing Toolbar. 3) Tap to set…

Meet Vered – One of our UX designers at AutoCAD 360!

11:45 am  .   August 1, 2014  .   Vered Toledano | User Experience Designer at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Vered Toledano My Job Title: User Experience Designer What I actually do: As part of the UX team of AutoCAD 360 Mobile I spend my time designing our product on the different platforms. Starting from user research, planning workflows and experience up…

New updates and features for iOS and Windows store!

10:54 am  .   July 31, 2014  .   Dorit Ksiazek | Community Manager at AutoCAD 360

This week we released two updates of your favorite app – iOS and Windows store! iOS 3.0.4 – Units are back! A lot of you wrote to us asking about unit settings – so here you go! If you want to change the units display…

See What’s Going on in AutoCAD 360’s User Testing!

10:07 am  .   July 29, 2014  .   Sharin Regev | User Research at AutoCAD 360

We hope that you are enjoying the new AutoCAD 360 application (Android version coming soon, see below). We thought we might share with you some of our user testing efforts that went into creating this app. Several months ago, after long hours of sketching, paper…

Meet Roie – Our Server Tech Lead at AutoCAD 360

10:52 am  .   July 25, 2014  .   Roie Cohen | Server Tech Lead

My name is: Roie Cohen My Job Title: Server Tech Lead at AutoCAD 360 What I actually do: Together with our developers from Singapore, I’m working on the heart of AutoCAD 360: converting a DWG file to a unique format that can only be viewed…

All the Ways to Select and Deselect Objects!

10:47 am  .   July 23, 2014  .   admin

Selecting lines and objects in AutoCAD 360 is easy to execute and applicable to all. One line can be selected or many objects at a time, up to 200 objects!   Two techniques to use are:   1) Tap and hold your finger down for…