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How to use the Design Feed to your advantage!

9:51 am  .   October 13, 2014  .   admin

Have you ever wanted a straightforward and accurate way to actively collaborate with clients and co-workers through your drawings? NO extra form of communication needed? Your wish is granted! The Design Feed. The Design Feed is a unique feature as an interactive feed that enables…

Meet Nofar – QA Engineer, world traveler, baker and painter!

10:54 am  .   October 9, 2014  .   Nofar Kedem Zada | QA Engineer at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Nofar Kedem Zada My Job Title: QA Engineer at AutoCAD 360 What I actually do: As a QA tester in AutoCAD 360 team, my job is to make sure our app meets the high standards we set to ourselves,  in order to produce the…

How to Organize your Drawings in AutoCAD 360

9:54 am  .   October 6, 2014  .   admin

Need organization? Organizing your files and drawings can be accomplished through the AutoCAD 360 Web application. When the “All Drawings” section on the web is opened, there will be a button to click that says “New Folder”. You can drag and drop any file into…

Meet Misha – Core developer and Skipper!

3:54 am  .   October 2, 2014  .   Misha Klatis | Core Developer at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Misha Klatis My Job Title: AutoCAD360 Core Developer What I actually do: As a part of the CORE team, I develop the SDK that the mobile apps are built on. My regular day consists of both developing the core algorithms and solving…

Everything you need to know about working offline with AutoCAD 360!

10:11 am  .   September 30, 2014  .   admin

The ability to work offline gives flexibility a whole new meaning to our users. Drawings can now be reviewed and edited conveniently in the field through your mobile devices! How does this work? AutoCAD 360 is a cloud application. This means that you will upload…

Learn How to be Proficient with Layers

5:32 am  .   September 23, 2014  .   admin

Want to learn how to be proficient with layers? Layers truly make a complicated drawing easily navigated. To start, the layers feature can be accessed through the Drawing Tools Menu. New layers can be created Layers’ visibility can be turned on / off manually or…