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Meet Sharin – User researcher, traveler and Salsa dancer!

6:08 am  .   September 18, 2014  .   Sharin Regev | User Research at AutoCAD 360

My name is:  Sharin Regev My Job Title: User Researcher What I actually do: As a User Researcher, I’m devoted to bettering the users’ experience by various means. It starts first with understanding better the big picture of our users workflow and needs – by…

Learn the Dimensioning Tools

9:55 am  .   September 15, 2014  .   admin

Dimensions are a key part for recreating a drawing successfully in real life. AutoCAD 360 recognizes that dimensions are on everything; therefore, we provide you with four different tools to measure out dimensions in a drawing. These four options are Linear, Diameter, Radius, and Angular…

Meet Elad – Engineering manager by day, rock star by night!

12:25 am  .   September 11, 2014  .   Elad Lebovitch | AutoCAD 360 Engineering Manager

My name is: Elad Lebovitch My Job Title: AutoCAD 360 Engineering Manager What I actually do: I work with the mobile, server and core engine managers in order to deliver our top quality mobile products. Each of the teams has a lot of ground to cover, so…

Picture Perfect – Adding images to AutoCAD 360!

4:22 am  .   September 8, 2014  .   admin

Think outside of the box, in this case, outside of the drawing. AutoCAD 360 allows you to insert pictures onto your drawing and in your Design Feed. Pictures added into your Design Feed can help your collaborators and you visualize the problem or comments while…

Meet Mayte – Product manager at AutoCAD 360, runner, diver, cook and so much more!

10:50 am  .   September 4, 2014  .   Mayte Zavaleta | Product Manager at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Mayte Zavaleta My job title: Product Manager at AutoCAD 360 What I actually do: Right now I work as a swiss army knife for AutoCAD 360 while we plot how to take over the world (insert pinky and the brain quote here). What this…

The Flexibility of Scaling Objects

10:29 am  .   September 2, 2014  .   admin

Do you want to know an easy way to manipulate the size of an object? Use the Scale tool. The easiest way to scale your objects, is to simply drag any of the corner knobs that are displayed when an object is selected. This way,…