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The Ways of Viewing you Might Not Know About

2:09 am  .   October 27, 2014  .   admin

Do you work in 2D and 3D? Well did you know that AutoCAD 360 can view in 2D and 3D? Yes, AutoCAD 360 can view in: 2D 3D Wireframe 3D Solid These view styles can be accessed from the Drawing Tools Menu. Within this menu,…

Mark up tools for Windows are here! (and much more!)

11:25 am  .   October 23, 2014  .   Dorit Ksiazek | Community Manager at AutoCAD 360

Since we started the tech preview for Windows store we got a lot of positive feedback from you, and we were happy to hear you want more! So this new version includes some new amazing features!   Mark up tools: Text – You can now…

How to connect your file storage (such as DropBox) to AutoCAD 360

10:52 am  .   October 20, 2014  .   admin

Opening and viewing files from an external storage offline in AutoCAD 360 is available for both Free and Pro users. Go Pro! Pro users can edit these external files and the changes will be synced back up to the storage service automatically when coming back…

Meet Macro – Project manager, traveler and football player

11:57 pm  .   October 13, 2014  .   Macro-Liang Liu | Project Manager at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Macro Liu My Job Title: Project Manager What I actually do: My major responsibilities include the promotion of AutoCAD 360 in the China Market (typically online, like Weibo/WeChat), customer Support (answering questions from Chinese users) and customer research (finding the best practices…

How to use the Design Feed to your advantage!

9:51 am  .     .   admin

Have you ever wanted a straightforward and accurate way to actively collaborate with clients and co-workers through your drawings? NO extra form of communication needed? Your wish is granted! The Design Feed. The Design Feed is a unique feature as an interactive feed that enables…

Meet Nofar – QA Engineer, world traveler, baker and painter!

10:54 am  .   October 9, 2014  .   Nofar Kedem Zada | QA Engineer at AutoCAD 360

My name is: Nofar Kedem Zada My Job Title: QA Engineer at AutoCAD 360 What I actually do: As a QA tester in AutoCAD 360 team, my job is to make sure our app meets the high standards we set to ourselves,  in order to produce the…