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PDF Support in AutoCAD WS
12:58 pm  .   May 31, 2011  .   admin

Since the last release AutoCAD WS now supports PDF files both on the web and in the mobile app.

You can upload, view, annotate and share PDFs in AutoCAD WS giving you access to all your designs in a single viewer wherever you are. Now there’s no need to open different files in different viewers. Nor is there any need to store them in different places.

When you view PDF files using the web app at www.autocadws.com, you can add objects, text, dimensions and use markups bringing your PDFs in line with the way you view and edit DWG designs. If your PDF runs over more than one page a navigation widget appears in AutoCAD WS to allow you to jump ahead to any point.

PDF Support in the Mobile App

The Android mobile app also fully supports PDFs with all the functionality of the web version.

For now the iOS mobile app only allows viewing and sharing of PDFs, but this will be updated at the next mobile release to bring it in line with the Android mobile app and the web app. There will be more news about this as we get closer to the release date.

Are there any aspects of PDF support you still think are missing from AutoCAD WS? Let us know in the comments section.

  • Sessou Emmanuel

    Great tool. U make life worthwhile

  • Dionisio Souza


    • Tal

      Hi Dionisio,

      Layers control is coming in the next update to AutoCAD WS 1.3, which is coming to an App Store near you shortly.

  • John

    What’s the file size limit for pdfs? As I can upload pdf’s but not open or even download them once about 1MB is exceeded?

  • Andy

    I really like this app, but I am a bit lost. I uploaded several pdfs before visiting a job site today and while walking through with the contractor, made several notes on the pdfs. However, when I try to share or download the files, I only see the original unmarked documents. Any suggestions?

    • Daniel

      Andy, I can’t see a reason why this hasn’t worked for you. Do you still see the markups when you open your PDF in AutoCAD WS? Can I suggest that we try to resolve this more directly? Drop us a line at feedback@autocadws.com and we’ll work through the issue together.

  • Julia Qiu

    Hi, I need report one issue happened when I try to download PDF file from AUTOCAD WS,
    since all team members made the review comments in the AUTOCAD WS, finally we need
    to download the final PDF file which catch up all design review comments. After I download
    the PDF file, when I open the file, the review comments can not indicate as what showed on
    AUTOCAD WS, can someone help on that?

    • Daniel

      Julia, I have sent you an email to try to resolve this issue.

  • d

    what is the max file size for uploading a pdf? just a straight answer will work here, for some reason this answer seems elusive…

    • CC

      Having same problem with PDF’s in WS, would be more efficient using DWF files anyway!

  • Michael Mead

    Please allow measuring tools on PDFs on the Autodesk 360 WS app for iPad! Also, why cant I open any pdfs? I have the pro version.