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Right Click in AutoCAD WS
6:26 pm  .   January 27, 2011  .   admin

We have posted recently here and here about the possibility of adding a command line to future releases of AutoCAD WS. It was very clear that some AutoCAD users prefer to use their keyboards.

But today’s post is about a another type of user. This is for users who are more comfortable doing everything with their mouse. If you’re the kind of person who like to do everything with a mouse, then you should know what happens in AutoCAD WS when you right-click your mouse.

There are two different contextual menus available when you right-click depending on whether you are in the Drawings directory or you are working on an open drawing.

Right-click in Drawings directory

The menu selections here are very straightforward and deal with file management for your online account in AutoCAD WS.

Using the mouse you can select multiple files and then right-click and click Open selected to open each drawing at the same time in a separate tab.

Share selected will open the share permissions just like clicking the share button. Again you can do this for one or multiple drawings at the same time.

Remove shares will cancel all the share permissions you have allocated to the selected drawing or drawings.

You can use Cut, Copy and Paste selected to manage your files and move them to different folders.

Currently the only way to permanently delete a file from your online account is either by clicking the Delete button or by right-clicking and selecting Delete selected.

Rename selected allows you to rename files in your AutoCAD WS online account.

Right-click within a drawing

The top two commands in this menu will change according to the last act you carried out in the drawing. So you can Repeat or Undo a Move, Line, Rotate, etc.

Where applicable, Redo Last Command will be available as well.

You can use Zoom Window to focus on a particular part of the drawing. Selecting Zoom Window allows you to identify two opposite corners of a rectangle. The drawing will then automatically resize itself in your window to focus on the area bounded by your rectangle.

Zoom Extents will resize the entire drawing so that it all fits within your browser window. From here you can start over and zoom in again on the part of the drawing you want to work on.

Do you right-click in AutoCAD WS? Let us know what commands are missing from these menus in the comment section.

  • tspital

    I am running AutoCAD WS on my PC and iPad. When I use the measure tool on my iPad, the distance is in inches. Can I change that to show measurements in feet and if so, how do I do it?

  • Felipe

    I really uses more the keyboard, but on WS i dont miss that too much because i use
    the Ipad Version and i belive that the keyboard wouldn’t help too much, but one thing that i really
    miss is the full decimal units.
    As i Make measurements on my WS but have to anotate the real measures because autocad WS
    dont create broken measures (like 1,934mts).

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