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Save Time With The New Brush Tool
2:29 pm  .   February 24, 2011  .   admin

One of the editing upgrades we just added to the new release of AutoCAD WS (available now on the app Store) was the introduction of the Brush Tool in a variety of widths. To encourage you to explore and begin using this tool, I am posting five great ways you can save time with the new Brush tool:

  1. Add a personal touch. Combine technical precision with your artistic skills.
  2. Get them involved. Hand your iPad to your clients and let them get their hands dirty.
  3. Respond quickly. Scribble on and markup the drawing and email it straight back.
  4. Export to DWG. Save markups back to DWG with the WS web app or AutoCAD plugin.
  5. Draw your own symbols. Personalize your markups in your own unique style.

That’s five great reasons for using the Brush tool, but perhaps the most important one of all is, unlike working on paper, with the new Brush tool you can always Undo any of your doodles or markups.

The new AutoCAD WS Brush tool combines the precision of CAD with the freehand creativity of our users. Let us know how you use the Brush tool.