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7:25 am  .   January 21, 2010  .   admin

Hello everyone,

We hope you are having a good productive time working with Project Butterfly. Have you tried co-editing yet? It’s pretty magical.

You might not know that, but the Butterfly team is always working on new features and developments to make your online CAD experience the best as possible. We upgrade Butterfly every few days, based on feedback we receive from you, our audience!

We need your help in guiding us, we want to know what you need in Project Butterfly. We are committed to give you answers on any feature you might want. We will try implementing them as soon as possible, and will update you on our blog.

Examples for features:

  • “Can you allow creating custom hatches?”
  • We have already implemented the zoom keyboard shortcut. Try it!

Use your imagination, tell us what you think!

Asaf Sagi
Product Manager, Project Butterfly
  • Josep


    I’m very excited with your Butterfly project..

    I Have a question for you…

    Can We Use Customs keyboards entrys?


    • Butterfly

      Thanks for your kind words!
      No, no custom keyboard shortcuts are available yet.
      I noted your suggestion and I’m forwarding it to the development team.


    i was wondering if it is possible to use polars.

    also select different snaps

    also have more than just english
    ie greek

    great web-workspace