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Test Driving AutoCAD WS Mobile in the Field
12:17 pm  .   September 16, 2010  .   admin

As we’re putting the final touches on AutoCAD WS Mobile, we’re also working on another project: a new office for Autodesk Israel, the same group in charge of bringing you Project Butterfly and AutoCAD WS mobile.

Early on in the project we decided to use Project Butterfly for sharing design data between team members and managing work on site.

During the last few weeks we’ve been using the mobile app intensively on the job site. Although it was a first for our architects and project managers, who have never used (or even held) an iPad before, they quickly became very comfortable with the app and the device.

Our architects and project managers from BA Studio with  AutoCAD WS Mobile

Our architects and project managers from BA Studio with AutoCAD WS Mobile

We used the mobile app on site to:

  • Measure parts in the plan and elevations and compare them with built elements.
  • Markup and document areas in the plan where design decision needed to be made.
  • Accurately draw the positions where we  would place lighting fixtures.
Sr. Product Manager Iris Shoor using AutoCAD WS Mobile

Sr. Product Manager Iris Shoor comparing a built element with the design

Since AutoCAD WS mobile is a connected app, there was no need to send everybody updated plans – they already had them in their Project Butterfly accounts, which was pretty cool!

AutoCAD WS Mobile on the job site

AutoCAD WS mobile on the job site

How do you think you’ll be using AutoCAD WS mobile?  let us know in the comments section.

  • Lowa

    would use the findings in the yard or track, without taking the computer or printed many plants. well maybe some changes to files on the train.

  • jaka

    looks promising, hope you develop smtg like that for Android also. It would be sweet to have a DWF or DWG viewer on android tablets or smartphones. Do you have any plans for Android OS?

  • Matheus Vanz

    It is a great revolution. At my company we work with steel structures and we do not have AutoCad WS. So when we go to the field, we convert the drawings in jpg images and put in iPad. Thus we need not take a large bundle of drawings. We look forward to being able to use AutoCad WS.

  • Mikelangelo

    E’ un prodotto davvero rivoluzionario, attendo il suo rilascio con impazienza.

  • Edward Winter

    For site check during initial or follow up visits for security and fire emergency layout plans.
    During the initial visit WS on the iPad can be used to assign fire signs directly to the drawing.
    If site check/visit is done, the drawing could be presented right a way to the client.

  • gargon

    Tengo muuuchas ganas de probarlo.

  • Eric D

    how I will use it. As a projet manager, I will be able to go to the company that built items for me and compare. Go a site a make the modification on the spot of the reality vs the drawing.
    It will be a great tools that will safe house and hours work

  • http://butterfly.autodesk.com Tal

    Thanks for all the great comments and use cases. Keep them coming!

    • Joe

      This sounds like a terrific app!! Are you taking any beta testers?

  • Antonio Fontenele

    I think I will use AutoCAD WS mobile in my iPhone 3DS to read drawings in the building construction sites that I am managing.

  • Gerrit

    Perhaps butterfly can enable Dropbox, because i know many which use this application to sync something.
    And its simple and fast.

  • Kevin Hainsworth

    I am a UK based surveyor specialising in measured building surveys.
    I am an experienced AutoCad user.
    For me it is not feasible to have a full AutoCad licence in the field so this looks fantastic.
    Any chance of interfacing to external devices such as the Leica Disto laser measuring device (bluetooth) ?
    any idea on pricing ?

  • Richard

    I can not open file in iphone4 and ipad. it shows 3%, 6%, 100%, and black screen. It will be great to add file transfer function in itunes.

  • Lowa

    AHHHHHH!!!! Good job. But not support offline work…. On iPad only wi-fi is essentials…… Update please.

  • Hemerson

    I can not open file in iphone4 and ipad. it shows 3%, 6%, 100%, and black screen. It will be great to add file transfer function in itunes.

    (2) me too

  • ALejandro Acebo

    I dont know why you can not upload fine the file from autocad 2011??

  • Rafael Pimenta

    It’s a great app, but with a major problem, people don’t have access to wi-fi everywhere, most of all at construction sites. You need to add the functions to download projects to the device, and to transfer them via iTunes.

    The interface is great and it’s very intuitive.
    Great app!!

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  • Anonymous

    I always inspired by you, your opinion and attitude, again, appreciate for this nice post.

    - Thomas