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The Fun Side of Collaboration in AutoCAD WS
2:14 pm  .   September 21, 2011  .   admin


Here’s a light-hearted look at collaboration in AutoCAD WS that shows just how powerful and versatile its collaboration features are. Below you will see a video where we use AutoCAD WS to share games like Tic-Tac-Toe and Sudoku.

The AutoCAD WS collaboration feature allows you and your collaborator to see each other’s cursor in real time as you move it around the screen adding markups or making changes. We also have a built in chat functionality that you can call up to help you emphasize a point or gain consensus for a decision or even just to say “Hi!”.

AutoCAD WS offers a collaborative environment that incorporates real-time changes and chat. It allows you to work with clients and colleagues as if they were sitting in the same room with you.

Once you embrace the power of collaboration within AutoCAD WS, it’s not a huge leap from there to a whole new world of fun where anything you design can be shared, so that you can work (and play) with it together.

Ilai Rotbaein, a product manager for AutoCAD WS, put together this video to demonstrate the value of collaboration and showcase the fun side of AutoCAD WS.


If you come up with something fun using AutoCAD WS, why not use the Get Link To Share function on the Output tab and publish it on our Facebook page so everyone can have a go.

  • Giacomo

    è un potente motore per costiutuire team di progettazione senza limitazioni spaziali, cosa si può desiderare di più ?

  • mehrdad

    Very nice

  • Chris

    We have been trying to upload pdf files of drawings and specifications so that we could share them with clients for download only. We have had a bunch of issues in the past 48 hrs. Some of my pdf files fail during upload. Why are they failing all of a sudden? When I send the link to my clients they are prompted to login when they click the link. Didn’t do this last week. I want them to be able to click the link, go straight to the folder and be able to download. They shouldn’t have to login. We will be forced to stop using WS if this continues. Cloud seems useless too since you can’t share a folder for download only purposes.

    • Daniel

      Chris hi.

      When you share a drawing with an unregistered email address the recipient can open it directly from the email he receives or download it directly from the email. If the email address you share your drawing with is associated with an AutoCAD WS account, then the recipient will be asked to log in to their account when they try to view the file. I’m guessing that the people you shared with last week have since registered their email addresses as accounts in AutoCAD WS. That said they should still have the option to Download the PDF directly from within the email they receive regardless of whether they have registered an account or not.