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The new AutoCAD 360 highlights – Editor
10:16 am  .   June 10, 2014  .   Yoni Kahati | Support Specialist at AutoCAD 360

The new AutoCAD 360 is all about you!

It’s about our users being happy and having an easy to use and lovely to look at app!

To make things even easier, we put together a little before and after for you guys.

We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about the changes we made – feel free to play around and share your experience with us!


You are probably familiar with the previous AutoCAD 360 editor screen:


We narrowed down the toolbar and selected the most important drawing and editing tools to form the new toolbar. We decided to move the Layers and View options from the toolbar to the palettes on the right, allowing a more natural workflow. You still have all the tools you need, and pressing each icon will expand another toolbar with the relevant options.

Basically, we took the old toolbar

Toolbar - old.png

And redesigned it

Toolbar - New.png

We added some hints and tips

Toolbar - tips.png


And voila!

coordinates 2.PNG


What we took from the toolbar we put in the palettes:



Some of you wondered where they had gone. We combined them in the new view palette.


You have the same options you had in the previous version:
Toggle between views (2D view, 3D solid, 3D wireframe), Zoom extents and switching between layouts.



This was the old layers screen.


Instead of cluttering the screen with lots of icons, we added the arrow button to each layer in order to save space. The arrow button opens a menu, which allows you to change the various layer properties. The text labels we added make them much easier to find. Also, after considering your requests, we left the light bulbs in place, but simplified the view.



Design Feed

It isn’t a new palette, but we gave it a little freshening up. This screen will probably look familiar:


Many of you have stated the option of collaboration with other users as core feature, and motivated us to make the design feed even more share-oriented. These changes will turn the collaboration process into a much smoother one. You can still add comments, link them to the drawing, attach images and tag your colleagues – just as you did in the previous version.



We hope the effort we put in creating the new AutoCAD 360 will inspire you to use the editing tools as much as possible.

As always, if you would like to know more about any of the features, feel free to ask us here – or just email us at feedback@autocad360.com




- Yoni

AutoCAD 360 Support Specialist

  • Dave Taylor

    Very nice!

  • Herivelton Bispo

    nice!! But I wish to know how to change the color of the layer???