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The new AutoCAD 360 highlights – File manager
10:15 am  .   June 5, 2014  .   Shani Segev | UX Team Leader at AutoCAD 360

We hope you all had a chance to download the last version of AutoCAD 360 and start working with it. This last release is probably one of the most important releases we had since we completely changed the entire UI and started working on improving the experience in the app. Our work is not complete yet as we have to bring back features we didn’t put in this release (yes, GPS will be back soon), and we want to hear from all of you what you think of the new design.


I will highlight here a few changes we’ve made in the File Manager, let us know what you think!


1. Toggle between List and Tile views

Remember this?


We know that some people love viewing their files in list view as it helps them navigate faster through their file. But what about the others who prefer the visual representation of their files and want to see bigger thumbnails?

We added the ability to toggle between List and Tile view so everyone get what they wish for!

List view vs tile view


2. Recent files

We know that your files are the most important thing for you, and we want to improve the accessibility to your files, so we started by allowing you to access your most recent files. This is just the beginning, and we’ll add more filters soon (and will let you create your own filters)


3. File Info bar

Last but not least… We updated the way you view the details on your files and folder and performs actions like Rename and Share. When you tap the little “i” icon that’s available for every file and folder we will open this bar which will display information on it. You will also be able to see who is shared on your file and what’s his permission level (And a short explanation on what exactly it means to be a Reviewer or Collaborator)

File menu


In our next post we will dive into the editor and see what changed there, so stay tuned!

PS- If you want to know more on any of the features feel free to ask us here for it or just send us feedback to feedback@autocad360.com


     - Shani
        AutoCAD 360 UX Team Leader


  • John

    This is great, is there any way to select a specific sub folder from box that Autocad 360 links to?