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The Philosophy Behind Project Butterfly

In a recent post we mentioned that Butterfly is meant for accelerating designers’ work and reducing the time wasted on tech-supporting different computer software. In this post we’d like to bring you some more insight on that subject.

The CAD world has become pretty well-standardized. Microsoft Outlook, Zip files, PDF files, FTP servers and more – have all become common tools in the industry. All of them are used for carrying information from one person or firm to another. Those tools appeal to a wide audience because they are generic. They are used in all professions – lawyers, accountants, managers, secretaries, and endless more. None of those tools is aimed at accomplishing CAD and design related tasks.

While those common tools accomplish their missions, they do pose some problems such as file formats and versions, file size limits, security tools, redrawing modifications, and more. Project Butterfly was designed to be a software as a service (SaaS) because the solution to those problems lies in the Web and the advantages it brings.

Those problems waste valuable time. It’s not uncommon for a professional to spend time trying to send a file over e-mail, not to mention exporting a drawing in the correct plot style to a PDF.

Those little tasks add up to hours every month. Things can get harder when you’re working with a client or colleague for the first time. You have to adjust to whatever tools they’re using. This valuable time could have been used to do other things, such as design another alternative, being creative, exploring ideas, keeping in touch with clients and generally producing better results.

Butterfly was built on that principal exactly. We’re sure that whatever field you’re in, you can find at least one task that Butterfly can help you do faster.


  1. gargon says:

    I have a question.
    You can inplementar a button or something to interact with the desktop version of autocad?

    1. Butterfly says:

      That’s good input. We’re considering doing such a thing, but we can’t promise we’ll do that.

  2. ipselute says:

    Actually, i believe i know what gargon is talking about. I think he’d like to create a desktop shortcut for Butterfly. I’ve seen this kind of thing before. Gargon, You could use a piece of software called Bubbles, or you could use Firefox with Google Gears installed on it.
    It lets you create shortcuts for all popular web services like Y!Mail, Gmail, Wikipedia. I don’t know if it works with Butterfly, but it certainly worth a shot.
    Bubbles is better, cause it works with IE too, i think.
    Anyway, no matter which one you choose, you sholud know that you still need a browser. Everything is done through the browser – a complete stripdown version of your browser: no buttons, no toolbars, no browsing except for that particular webpage that you created the shortcut for.

  3. ipselute says:

    @gargon: I don’t understand how you’d like Butterfly to interact with Acad. I’m no Autodesk employee, but even i don’t see any decent way to make them work together. Butterfly is based on Flash-a technology not supported by Acad. Acad was created long time ago, before any type of flash existed.
    Still, both of them look alike, but that’s all surface. Under ‘the hood’ they so different: like the gasoline engine and the diesel engine.

  4. andrew young says:

    support for AutoLISP files would be nice.

  5. Tom says:

    How would a 3rd party app work on this?
    Something like Cad-Mech?

    1. Butterfly says:

      Hey, Tom.

      We currently don’t support any 3rd party interactions with Butterfly. However, we are looking into making Butterfly to a development platform. So if that happens, it’s going to be really up to them, or any other 3rd party.

      1. Tom says:

        Without the option to use a piping or duct package with Butterfly, It would be worthless to a mechanical contractor as Autodesk has nothing that is suited to our industry

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