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Tip – Downloading your Mobile/Web Edits into AutoCAD
1:06 pm  .   April 7, 2011  .   admin

With all the excitement surrounding the inclusion of the new online tab in AutoCAD 2012, one of the key changes has gone mostly unnoticed. Until now you have always been able to open earlier versions of your drawing online by selecting a different point in the Timeline. With AutoCAD 2012, you can also download an earlier version directly to your desktop.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say you’re out in the field working on your iPad and making some changes to your design. On your way back to the office you share your design with the client. He opens it up in his browser (he doesn’t have AutoCAD installed on his desktop) and you collaborate and make  some decisions together.

Then a month later after more changes have been added at various times, you decide you need to go back and see what the decisions you made that day were and how the drawing looked at that point in time. Perhaps you want to roll back some of the subsequent changes and beging again from an earlier edit point.

Opening the drawing in AutoCAD 2012 and selecting Timeline from the Online tab will enable you to view and download earlier versions of your design making it easier than ever to review previous versions or even roll back your designs to an earlier date and revisit the choices you made.

What’s your favorite thing about the AutoCAD WS Timeline?

  • Zahangir Alam

    Hi Daniel,

    I have been looking some answers in this blog. But still I did not get any answer. Could you please answer the following questions?

    Some application wants to integrate this AutoCADWS into their websites. If possible let me know the answer of the following questions.
    1. Do you have any API exposed (either free or commercial) so that it can be integrated with other website?
    2. Do you have any API by which the Drawing Frame (the Flash Component) can be hosted into third party web application and leveraging their editing feature?
    3. Do you have any plan to use your site into embedded into other website so that other user of other sites will be able to use it?

    I shall be grateful to you.

    • Daniel

      We are planning to add API support in the future. For now we are focused on building the best version we can and making sure it works on all platforms.

  • Zahangir Alam

    Hi Daniel,

    Thanks for your kind reply. At least you have a plan it is fair enough for me right now.

  • Emil

    “Before you can upload and share files, you need to sign-in to your AutoCAD WS account. Clicking any of the buttons on the Online ribbon and menu when not signed in will show the Login dialog.”

    It doesn´t show the Login dialog! Could you help? (autocad LT 2011 64-bit, autocad ws LT 2011 64-bit)