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Tip of the Week – Introducing WS to your Colleagues for the First Time
5:05 pm  .   October 6, 2011  .   admin


Many of our users tell us how happy they were when they first discovered AutoCAD WS. Whether they were searching for a mobile app or a CAD editor to use when they were away from their office, AutoCAD WS has filled an important need.

Now that AutoCAD WS gives you the ability to collaborate with clients and colleague anywhere in the world, one of the challenges is introducing WS to potential collaborators who are not even aware that WS exists.

With AutoCAD WS, you can collaborate with your colleagues whether they use AutoCAD Every day or even if they have never used it at all. To share a drawing with someone, you must enter their email address. AutoCAD WS will send an email to that address stating that you want to collaborate with them on a particular drawing. The email they receive has two links. One is to open the drawing immediately, the other is to download it.

If you’re sharing with someone for the first time you might want to speak to them and guide them through the process when they get their email. You can explain to them that all the links within it are perfectly safe.  The first time they view the drawing, you might want to have it open on your computer at the same time so you can show them your cursor moving around and emphasize the power of collaboration.

Do you have any tips for first time users of AutoCAD WS? Add them to our Facebook page or email us at feedback@autocadws.com.

  • Rick DiFilippi

    I teach Autocad at NYIT in Manhattan. I introduced my students to WS by sharing a file on my android with myself. Opened up my email on the smart screen and made comments to the cad file on my smart phone while walking around the classroom. All in real time. Their jaws hit the floor.
    I can’t wait for Revit WS!

  • Dey Prakash

    Hello Friends
    I am prakash from Surat,Gujarat
    I am the Design Engineer and Faculty of Autocad since 2006
    I saw the Autocad WS in a short time and installed it in my samsung galaxy phone
    and show it to my students they really liked it they does’t know about that.
    i want to work with it like a flexible manner and waiting for the more up gradations and also
    the paramatric feature on it.