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Tip of the week: Navigating the toolbar
8:44 am  .   July 17, 2014  .   admin

Navigating toolbars can be confusing and overwhelming. Icons are unclear and toolbars are cluttered. We have all experienced these kinds of toolbars. However, AutoCAD 360 listens to our users and wants to make your experience the best and smoothest it can be.

AutoCAD 360 has five toolbars. On the main toolbar, the buttons in order from left to right open the DRAWING, MARKUP, MEASURE, DIMENSION toolbars.

To access the Edit toolbar, select any object or lines in the drawing. The Edit Toolbar will appear where the main toolbar is.


When you tap on any tool, a blue heading line with a question mark option will appear on top of the toolbar. Tap the question mark and directions on how to use the tool will appear!

AutoCAD 360 makes comprehending and using editing tools easier than ever! Stay tuned for more tips and tricks to come!


- The AutoCAD 360 team


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