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Tips for the Timeline in AutoCAD WS
9:51 am  .   November 16, 2010  .   admin

The introduction of the Timeline to AutoCAD WS represents an important breakthrough in online file management for your drawings.

The Timeline allows you to capture your project in different stages as it evolves. Each previous version is identified by a point on the Timeline. For the first time, you can see your progress come alive in the same place without having to open multiple files.

Here are some useful tips for working with the Timeline in AutoCAD WS.

Understanding the different points on the Timeline

Black Dots – These are the versions of the file that were uploaded using the AutoCAD plugin or uploaded directly from AutoCAD WS.  In the next version of the AutoCAD WS app for iPhone and iPad, drawings that are uploaded directly from your email client will also appear as black dots on the Timeline. As you work on your drawing in AutoCAD WS, your saved changes will appear as a black dot on the Timeline.

Green Dots – These represent versions that were worked on by more than one person in a real-time collaboration. These collaborative sessions are captured and marked for future reference.

Green Arrow – The arrow simply indicates the version you are currently viewing.

Identifying each point on the Timeline

Each point is clearly marked with its Save date. You can find more information by hovering over the point:

  • Full date and time
  • The name of the person who made the changes

For Green Dots indicating real-time collaboration, you will also see:

  • List of collaborators
  • Number of changes

Timeline Integrity

Maintaining the integrity of the Timeline is crucial. You cannot erase entries on the Timeline. It is also impossible to edit an earlier version of your drawing n the Timeline. Each point before the current one is read only. The only way to roll back to an earlier point is to find it on the Timeline and select the Save As button to create a new file based on that version that will now be editable.

We’d love to hear how you are working with the Timeline to keep track of your drawing versions online. Let us know by leaving a comment or by writing to us at feedback@autocadws.com.

  • Dave

    Can the iOS app display the Google maps integration? Is so how? If not, is it proposed & will it use the integrated GPS to include your current location?

  • Steven Elliott

    Considering that Android will soon be the dominant mobile OS, how long will it be until we get this for Android systems?

    • Daniel

      Steven hi,

      We have heard that there is a healthy demand for AutoCAD WS as an app for Android. All i can say for now is that we’re working on it.

      • Aaron

        Out of curiousity, is Autodesk running into problems similar to Netfix when it comes to making a Android app?

        That is to say, is the diversity of devices running android, causing some challenges in producing an android app?