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Using AutoCAD 360 on a Smartphone or Tablet: the Pros & Cons of Both
3:30 am  .   March 17, 2014  .   admin

So you’ve come to your senses and realized how advantageous it can be to use AutoCAD 360 to view, markup, and share drawings at the office and in the field. Excellent! But now you’re not sure if it makes more sense to use it on your smartphone or maybe a snazzy new tablet. In this week’s post, we break down the top pros and cons of using these two similar-but-different technologies in the field.


Smartphone Pros

  • You already have a data plan on your smartphone, so you can edit drawings and collaborate even without WiFi connection
  • Your smartphone is already with you all the time for other tasks, so there’s no need to lug around an extra device
  • It fits in your pocket!
  • You’ll most likely already have a greater variety of apps on your phone that you can use in sync with AutoCAD 360—things like Evernote, access to your photos, and 3rd party storage
  • The GPS functionality that’s built into your smartphone can be utilized in every drawing you open in AutoCAD 360

Smartphone Cons

  • Admittedly, mobile phones are really small compared to printed drawings, making it difficult to see the larger scope of a project
  • Drawing creation and editing can be difficult when working with a smaller screen
  • Drawing creation and editing can be less accurate when using finger to draw— although in AutoCAD 360 you do have a Smart Pen tool to autocorrect shapes


Tablet Pros

  • A tablet’s larger drawing area allows you to see more of the scope of your drawings—it’s still small, but closer to the size of a paper drawing
  • You can use accessories with your tablet such as a stylus, keyboard attachment, and mouse for more accurate drawing creation and editing
  • Tablets are a better size for presenting initial ideas and plans to clients—helping you present a more professional and-tech savvy image
  • Many more productivity apps are developed just for tablets so you can customize it differently than your phone
  • Tablets tend to have a longer battery life than phones, so you can worry less about having to recharge them halfway through the day—and you can reserve some of the power on your phone
  • It can be used as a companion tool or an extension of other products such as smartphone, laptops, desktop computers, or workstations at every stage of your projects

Tablet Cons

  • You might need a separate data plan for areas with no WiFi—although you can also just get a MiFi hotspot to leverage your phone’s existing data plan
  • A tablet is another item to carry around in addition to your phone—although it’s easier than carrying around a stack of drawings
  • Decent tablets can be a pricey investment, but it’s one that is dramatically offset by the cost and time savings you’ll realize by not having to print, fold, and ship CAD drawings
  • You might worry about taking expensive equipment into the field—but there are rugged tablet cases available that can withstand the most hostile environments and treatment


So there you have it—plenty of good reasons to use AutoCAD 360 on either a tablet or a smartphone. The great thing is, you really can’t go wrong; each has its advantages. While you’re weighing the pros and cons of each, dig this video tutorial on marking up drawings using AutoCAD 360, and check back next week for more tips and tricks!

  • Muhammad Imran

    I have drawings in my tab, I dont know that how I can upload or working on these drawings, kindly tell me about this, thanks