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Using Social Media For Your Work
7:31 pm  .   December 5, 2010  .   admin

I’ve been thinking a lot about the new tools. It’s possible that just by calling them the “new tools” I’m dating my self horribly, but for those of us who started our working lives with a desk that didn’t have a computer on it, they will always be the “new tools”.

The new tools are the ones that let us communicate in real time with a large and willing audience. Tools like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, that allow you to broadcast to your network of friends and colleagues and share ideas or start discussions.

You may already be using these tools to share stories and pictures from your personal lives, but would you use them to share aspects of your professional lives?

One of the things we’re proudest of with AutoCAD WS is the spirit of collaboration that it encourages. It’s easier than ever to share your drawings with colleagues and clients and work together to develop ideas and solve problems.

At the moment AutoCAD WS is very much a standalone product whether on the web or in an app for your iPad or iPhone. The question is whether that will continue or whether all forms of communication should be integrated into one seamless experience similar to the one Mark Zuckerberg recently announced for Facebook. The quote from the developers at Facebook said:

People should share however they want to share.

So does that apply to your work as well? Do you want to broadcast your works in progress using Twitter? Would you ever send plans to a client through Facebook? How much are you already using social media to communicate with your professional network?

There are no right answers here, just experience and speculation. We’ll keep the poll nice and simple and you can use the comments section to expand on your answers.

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People should share however they want to share
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  • Brian Lewis

    Yes, Iā€™d use the other services, HOWEVER, the services to be used will need to add features that businesses need to maintain controls and tracking. Many in their current state do not provide business specific features. Mobile accessing is definitely the way of the future, now we must find a way for these services to truly help and improve as opposed to just another method to use.