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What do you want to see in the next update for Android / iOS? – Poll
5:03 pm  .   April 27, 2011  .   admin

From this point forwards we will be releasing all updates for the mobile app simultaneously across all platforms. This means any feature added to AutoCAD WS for Android will also be available in AutoCAD WS for iOS and vice versa.

As always after a release, we like to ask you what you think is missing.

This time we’re going to take one item out of the list because we are already working on adding a function for turning Layers on and off in AutoCAD WS.

You should also check out our Facebook page and tag yourself alongside your mobile device. We’ll send some of the taggers a piece of AutoCAD WS swag in the near future.

[polldaddy poll="4950520"]

As you know by now we try to introduce new features into our products based on the responses we get to polls likes these. Your vote counts. Tell us what you think and you might see your pick in a future release.

  • Daniel Swords

    Local file access and DWF support have got to be the two single biggest items.

  • jadwani viral

    can we view 3d drawings in autocad ws?

    • Iris

      hang tight, its a high priority for us and you’ll be hearing more about this later this year

  • Patrick EMIN

    add a Save button please, auto save by hitting the back button is too risky

    • Daniel Swords

      I second this. I forgot this behavior, but I definitely was thinking that just because I leave a drawing doesn’t mean I want to save it. If I make a mistake then I don’t want to automatically save the changes.

  • Aaron

    Requests. (based on ipad use)

    3-finger swipe left to undo
    3-finger swipe right to redo
    Double click icons (line, circle, move, scale) to enter numeric values.
    Grips. (or at least a very similar behavior)

    • Daniel

      Great suggestions as always, Aaron, thanks.

      I’m going to drill down into these with the product guys.

      • Aaron

        The 3 finger thing is straight from Autodesk’s SketchBook Pro app…. They also use 3-finger up (Layers), down (color pallet) and tap (brush modifier).

        The customizable invisable corner buttons are nice too.
        You guys should really look into your own stuff… it’s pretty nice. :P

  • Rachel

    I’m sorry to hijack this thread but I need urgent help and can’t find any other route to contact anyone on the site!
    Yesterday I was uploading dwg files and plotting them to pdf, once the plot was done a window appeared to tell me it was complete and it had a download button which I clicked to save the pdf file to my computer.
    Today I’ve done the exact same thing but the window doesn’t appear, and therefore no download button. Where does the pdf go and how can I save it? Or is there a problem with the site today?
    Getting a bit desperate now as the pdfs I’m plotting from autocad on my laptop are printing out with half of the lines missing and the ones from this app are fine!
    I’d be very grateful for any help. Thank you.

    • Daniel

      Rachel, hi, I am sending you an email for more information, but I’m not aware of any problem with the app. What happens when you hit the plot button on the far right of the ribbon.

      You should be able to achieve the same effect by clicking Download and selecting PDF as your output format.

  • jason a

    Id also like to see local access. But the comments about saving make sense and id think would be higher on my list.

  • Wayne

    Excellent work Autodesk.
    I’m an Architect who would lke the ability to survey dwellings on site and draw them up at the same time. So the gerneral layout is all there and greater detail can be added when I get back to the office. This way you don’t forget a measurement out on site and cannot finish the drawing!!!
    Direct input is the most important feature t enable this. Another great feature would be to take a photo and sketch measurements over it. This would save hand drawing out an elevation and the adding the dimensions. One last thing inputing the measurements via bluetooth!
    Some many more things to add but just get the direct input working and you have got a winner.

    • Aaron

      For sketching over a photo, you might try Autodesk’s SketchBook app.

  • Gary

    The “save” issue is a big one for me. Give me the option to Save, or Save-As, or to
    not save at all. Just because I made a few changes doesn’t mean I want to save those.

    Another thing I would like to see is to be able to draw an arc.

  • Johan

    I want One Portable Apps for PC with SYNC…

    then I work offline in my PC at my Building…


  • D.Vinod Kumar

    i prefer to open the drgs directly from my SD card rather than uploading it to autocad servers. it saves consumption of internet data and also saves cost. even i would prefer to pay a minimum amount to buy the software

  • D.Vinod Kumar

    need local file access. this saves time and cost

  • Mark

    A standalone DWF Viewer (no DWG). Autodesk Design Review app for Android, iPad and iPhone. All palettes. API for app extensions.

  • Mark

    I believe it was stated in an earlier blog post that one can annotate pdf files (add lines and text boxes). I am unable to do this as of yet and I was wondering if it’s coming soon?

  • Kent

    3D DWF so I can see 3D models from Revit

  • Daniel

    Is possible to creat new documents?

    • Daniel

      Hi Daniel. For now, the best way to create a new drawing is to do it in AutoCAD and upload it to your AutocAD WS online account.