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What Viewing Capabilities Would You Like for the AutoCAD WS Mobile App?
6:21 pm  .   October 23, 2011  .   admin



We’re still a while away from announcing the next release of AutoCAD WS, but we’re looking at adding to the viewing capabilities within the mobile app in a future release and we thought it would be a good idea to run a poll and gauge the interest of our users.

We have put a few ideas into the poll below, but, as always, we really want to hear from you about the viewing functionality that you would like to see added at some point in the future. Pick something from the poll or leave us a comment either here or on our Facebook page.

And don’t forget there’s still time to win one of our exclusive AutoCAD WS t-shirts. Just send us a picture of you or one of your colleagues using AutoCAD WS on a mobile phone or tablet outside the office onsite somewhere.

And now that poll:

[polldaddy poll="5607157"]

  • Ian Wilson

    I’d love to be able to send you a picture of me using ‘WS in the field. One problem…I use it when I am by myself and no one is there to take the picture.

    I used it out recently to find control points on a large project. By using ‘WS in conjunction with GoogleEarth, I was able to locate aerial targets set by a previous survey and for which I coordinate values. The measurement feature allowed me to calculate distances between features on the drawing and transfer them to GE.

    Oh, BTW, since I use ‘WS on an iPad, I don’t bother with another camera in the field. I suppose I could use the forward camera to take a picture of me using ‘WS, but you wouldn’t see the screen!


    • Daniel

      Ian, with your permission, I’m going to send you an email, because we’d love to hear more about the kind of work you do and how AutoCAD WS fits in. I’m sure that, together, we can solve the picture taking issue as well!

  • http://na arealwizard

    The ability to import. .dxf files would be the best feature that could be added.
    That way you could look at files generated from many different sources.

    • Daniel

      You can already upload DXF files into AutoCAD WS and work with them.

  • Adlen

    Thanks for informative post.
    Now we can access your design drawing from anywhere at any time around the world.. Store AutoCAD drawings and project files in an easy-to-access online workspace.
    AutoCAD WS is very useful for CAD professionals who create and exchange drawings – architects, engineers, designers, project managers, consultants and also owners, customers and partners.AutoCAD WS can open DWG and DXF files in the built CAD editor.

  • G W

    There is a new hi-tech solution to your solitary use of Auto..WS. It’s called a mirror! (Not the command)! ;-)

  • William

    I would like the option of using .dwf files on my smartphone app.