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What Would A Command Line in AutoCAD WS Look Like? – Poll
7:12 pm  .   January 2, 2011  .   admin

One of the most conspicuous differences between the full version of AutoCAD and our web application AutoCAD WS is the command line.

When we designed the interface for AutoCAD WS, we left out the physical representation of the command line. But even without seeing the command line, we held on to all the familiar shortcuts. Every function that exists in the AutoCAD WS web application can be activated by the same shortcut that you use in AutoCAD.

Nevertheless, once we launched we saw that there was still considerable demand for a command line in the web app with plenty of you saying that you just can’t work without one.

(We even had a few people complaining that there is no command line in the AutoCAD WS mobile app for iPhone, but that’s a discussion for another time!)

In thinking about what the command line might look like in the AutoCAD WS web app, we have come up with a few proposals and a poll where you get to let us know what you think.

If we were to add a command line to AutoCAD WS where should it go and what should it look like. Have a look at these four suggestions and vote in the poll below.

Traditional AutoCAD Command Line

Command Line Below The Toolbar

Command Line Widget

Floating Command Line

Command Line Poll

[polldaddy poll="4326863"]

  • Brian Benton

    If AutoCAD WS were to get a command line, I think it should look like the traditional AutoCAD Command Line or be like the Line widget. I like either of those. The widget is nice because it could be collapsed or movable. The traditional CL is familiar to users and we know how it would behave.

    • Daniel

      You’ve hit the nail on the head, Brian. The Command Line is comfortingly familiar, but the widget enables greater flexibility. Hmmm, it’s a tough one.

  • Aaron

    I think the traditional would be best for the online version.

    Mobile versions would be better served by something less intrusive in the precious little drawing space.

    Perhaps a small font where the active line is (for example) white text on a black background and additional lines scroll over the drawing area but do not have a background and do not interfere with the drawing.

    • Daniel

      At the moment, we are thinking about a command line for the web app only, but if enough people thought it would add value to, say, the mobile app for iPad…

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  • Travis

    A command line for the mobile app would greatly improve functionality in my opinion. While click and drag with your finger is intuitive, I find I frequently have to erase the line and start over because it went off at an angle when I didn’t want it to or its snapping to an end point when I don’t want it to. It would be much easier to simply specify the starting point with my finger then type in direction and angle. This is especially true considering that the rotation angle of the line is specified relative to its initial angle (being zero) and not an absolute reference to the drawing’s coordinate system. Keeping the drawing square and accurate from the beginning really saves a lot of headaches later when you come to the end and realize your dimensions are all messed up because one of the first lines you made had a slight angle and you didn’t notice. Another option could be a popup dialouge box similar to Inventor’s sketch mode where once the line was drawn you could double tap to specify the length/angle.

  • http://N/a David W

    Hi I recently downloaded 360 for the IPad. While it’s a great app(!) I do struggle without a command line. It is too unlike the real thing when drawing. The command line has so many functionalities which are missing without it. PLEASE introduce the command line ASAP!!!!! And keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  • Carlo Hrant Soghanjian

    cannot find command line on my iphone application