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What’s In The Next AutoCAD WS Release?
10:15 am  .   November 29, 2011  .   admin

. With the start of AU 2011 in Las Vegas this week, we are thrilled to be able to announce some of the features we are planning to include in the next release. As usual we have been paying close attention to the requests we receive every day from our users. You are the people that continue to shape AutoCAD WS and determine the directions the app takes. It's still too early to tell you the date of release, but here are some of the features you can expect to be hearing more about in the coming weeks:

3D Support

Now you can view and share the 3-dimensional objects in your DWGs using AutoCAD WS. I have been following the development of the 3D viewing function for some time and the touch control in the mobile version is wonderfully intuitive and responsive. This has been one of our most demanded features and it's going to have a big impact.

GPS Integration

Now you can use the in-built GPS functionality of your mobile device to position yourself physically inside your design when you are out visiting a site. This is another much-requested feature that makes AutoCAD WS an even more vital tool for engineers and architects who need to get out into the field and take their designs with them.

Plot to Print from Mobile

In conjunction with registering for HP ePrint & Share, a free online service, you can send your designs to any compatible HP ePrint printer. Now you can use your smartphone or tablet to plot from wherever you are. Additionally you can plot your design directly as a PDF and send it to your email.

  • http://www.dohertysmith.com.au Eric Smith

    Hi, I would like to see some enquiry tools like distance, area, properties etc. As a surveyor it would be very useful to enquire design plans when in the field.


    • Daniel

      Great suggestions Eric, thanks.

  • Joris

    I’m working often with Revit. Will there also be a Revit_WS in the future?

  • Edward

    Will this 3D feature also view 3D objects from Civil 3D or from any other AutoCAD dwg vertical?

    • Paulo

      Civil 3D uses the same dwg file right? No problem i believe!

      What i want is Revit WS!!! Or simply a way to view RVT files in mobile devices :)

      • Aaron

        Civil3d drawings do use the dwg extention but civil 3d objects are not standard autocad objects.

        Civil 3d objects in plain autocad appear as “proxy objects” which visually appear the same as it was when the drawing was last saved in civil 3d.

        AutocadWS does not show C3D objects and puts up a dialog box that says it cannot show the 3d objects which leaves open the possibility that they could be shown as 3d proxy objects in this or a future release.

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  • Nimrod Cnaan

    Just in time – Great

  • Alberto

    Great news, now mobile that able to use autocad ws is a necessity, and those tablet. Thanks

  • kevin

    hi, i would like to have the command *FIND*, am working on a sewer network of abt 30,000 house connection . it is not easy to locate the ID reference of the house.

  • Brian Benton

    Will these new features be on the mobile app versions (both iOS and Android) or just on the Web App version?

    • Daniel

      Yes Brian. 3D, GPS and Plot from Mobile will all be included in the next release of the mobile app for iOS and Android.

  • Alfcomart

    AutoCADWS is the big idea and Autodesk you are the best

  • ianw58

    Coordinates & points!

    Distance queries between tapped point on drawing.

    Line offset by entered distance.

  • sergio leal

    hallo i download the autocadws but when i try to open a digram it open until 96% what its happening or what i need to do

    • Daniel

      Sergio, first try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Does this happen with every drawing or just one particular drawing? If you contact us at feedback@autocadws.com I’m sure we can solve this together.

  • ersinkzmaz

    thanks guys for AutoCADWS, it is really awesome for mobile phones

  • Bob Thrapp

    Are you developing a version for Windows Phone?

    • Daniel

      Hi Bob, WE are focusing on iOS and Android right now as they seem to have the largest market share of touchscreen smartphones. We are keeping an eye on this developing market and we will let you know if there are any changes.

  • allan

    How about Draw order? When your working on site With an aeial and you need to send it to the back.

  • jonathan


    I use WS a lot on the web version, however having a blackberry for my emails etc it would be great to have WS app for that! The new touchscreen blackberrys (like Torch etc) and more than powerful enough to run it!

    Please do a BB version soon!

  • Robert Sharp

    I like to use WS, it is great for web postings. I think people should look for reason why to use this service.

  • Robgator

    How about adding dwf support for Androids? The dwg support is great, but sometimes it would be nice to be able to view dwf files with my phone or tablet.

  • Kyle

    I hope that 3D support is for AutoCAD Civil 3D objects.

  • pat mcintosh

    whenever i open a drawing on my ipad it states memory low try restarting? just wondering why and how could i fix it?

  • shemuwel Baruwk

    I have a problem an see if someone can give me a hand every time that a sign in in my PC I
    get a blank screen and I cant do any thing. I have check my flash program and is okay and any other web page comes in find is just this one and I really need it. to be able to transfer my
    Thank you Shalom

    • admin

      Hi Shemuwel,

      Which browser are you working on? I can suggest that you try to clear your browser’s cache and reload the page. If the problem still occurs, please send us a feedback with all your details (OS, Browser version, Flash version) to: feedback@autocadws.com.


  • Doug

    When will AutoCAD WS be available for Kindle Fire users?

    • CAD Guy

      Kindle Fire runs an Android operating system, no? If so, then I suppose that AutoCAD WS Android app should work on it.

      Didn’t try using WS on Kindle myself, though, so no promises…

      • Ilai

        I’m happy to inform you all that AutoCAD WS is now available for the Kindle Fire!

  • Joe S.

    Windows Phone app…..PLEASE!!!!!

  • Emmett

    Please add larger file size support larger than 15mb. I have a drawing that is larger than that
    so this is not quite 100% useful to me yet..

  • Pontus

    I wish you would use Google Cloud Print for printing. Not everybody uses a “compatible HP printer”… Please read more on the developer page: http://code.google.com/intl/en/apis/cloudprint/

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  • http://www.filmlounge.com/footer/aaron-emmett Amit Singh

    it’s such a great information about auto cad. thanks to share.

  • Abraham Santos

    Hi! i wold like to know what i need to open files more than 15mb in my Ipad, i have the AutoCAD 360 App installed… but i can’t open it…


  • Mario

    How can I print a drawing to my canon mx922 printer? I hope I do not have to buy an hp printer only to print files from autocad 360. From my point of vu, that would not be etical