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When Will You Start To Share?
6:39 pm  .   January 26, 2012  .   admin

One of the most exciting things about evolving technology is how it shapes and changes our lives. There are many things that we do today that simply didn’t exist 20 years ago such as typing with our thumbs or commenting in public about each other’s holiday photos. New technology creates new things to do as well as new ways of doing things that we have always done. In business terms, new tech creates new workflows and improved versions of existing workflows.

It’s up to individuals and businesses to work out how to incorporate these new workflows into their lives and how to use them to improve productivity. One area which has always thrived on adapting new technology to its best advantage is design. When designers first moved away from the drafting table and onto the computer, it signaled a paradigm shift in the way design projects were handled. Since that time there has not been another major leap forward despite the ubiquity of high-speed internet.

I believe that’s going to change in the immediate future. The next evolution for designers will be collaborative design where designers, their colleagues and their clients can work together in guiding a project in the right direction. Using tools like those found in AutoCAD WS, you can share your design with anyone in the world at any time. You can get instant feedback on any draft and take suggestions and make corrections in real time without having to go through a major iteration which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

Collaboration Builds Consensus and Improves Productivity

Collaboration is not about taking power away from designers. It’s about removing the obstacles to satisfying design with clear communication and transparency. Getting the input of the stakeholders and decision makers at the right moment in a project can save time and prevent frustration as well as build trust and generate positive goodwill towards a completed draft.

The question is what are you going to do. Let us know in the comments below or on the Facebook page whether you like to collaborate with another designer on drafts. How often do you incorproate external feedback into your work and at what stages in the project? What could you be doing to achieve consensus sooner?