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Who are you when you use AutoCAD WS?
5:42 pm  .   June 20, 2011  .   admin

In order to register an account at AutoCAD WS you need an email address and a password. If you’re anything like me, you probably have more than one email addresses that you use for different things.

You may have a work email address that you use exclusively for professional correspondence and a separate one that you use whenever you’re asked for an email address online. For example, I have a me@autodesk.com email address that I keep just for work and a me@yahoo.com one that I have had for over 10 years.

So which one did you use when you registered your AutoCAD WS account? In other words, is AutoCAD WS something that you use in and out of the office as part of your defined workflow or is it a fantastically useful program that you use by yourself to support your work?

Whatever you decided when you first registered your account, has that opinion changed?

Can I change my email address?

Not yet. Since we launched AutoCAD WS, your email address has been the unique ID for your account. For now, if you want to change your password, you can do so via the web app by clicking Edit Account.

  • Grant Garber

    I had to accounts set up with one for work and the other for personal, but lately combined them all to my work account.

  • Laura

    I used my gmail account to try it out. Now I would register my work email but I dont have anyone to share with :(. No one in our Russian-Irish company knows about Autocad WS

    • Nikos

      Dear Laura! Just tell all the others about it!
      Anyway, I don’t share drawings with my own colleagues but often with my partners who don’t have Autocad.

  • Dean

    That would be a great feature to add. I currently use a work email for this excellent service.

  • Jose luis luna lastra

    I use autocad in my computrer office
    Ws is on my iphone

  • chatchavarn

    nice app

  • Никулин Сергей

    Супер, очень удобная программа!!!

  • Louis

    GREAT TOOL~!! cudos to whomever at Autodesk thought this one up.
    I am having one issue though, not sure if its me or a system setting. I am running Autocad Architecture 2010 and have installed the plugin for AcadWS, but none of the tools on the ribbon
    are working. No matter what I click on, they all say they are “Loading data from server” for a
    minute or so, and then returns an error saying “Cannot connect to the server. Check your
    Internet Connection” I am live online, but something inside AA and ACWS does not think so.
    Any idea’s ?

    • Daniel

      Thanks Louis. If we assume that your connection is fine, there may be an issue with your firewall. Can you point your web browser to http://www.autocadws.com and try to log in there? If you can successfully log in to the web app, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to use the plug in.

      If you are still having problems, write to us at feedback@autocadws.com and we’ll work together to resolve the issue.

  • Aaron

    Its my ipad so its my (personal) email address.

    This also keeps me free to do things not related to work without violating company policys.