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Why It’s Better to Upload with AutoCAD
5:51 pm  .   July 7, 2011  .   admin

We recently made a video where we showcased four distinct ways to upload your content to your AutoCAD WS online account. You can still watch it by clicking here.

In this post we are going to revisit one of those methods and talk about the experience of uploading your designs using the Online tab in the AutoCAD desktop program.

There are two distinct advantages to uploading your drawings from within AutoCAD.

Xrefs and Support Files

AutoCAD will automatically upload xrefs and support files. The upload button not only uploads the current file you have open, but also makes sure that any referenced drawings, images, font files (SHX and TTF) and plot stylesheets (CTB, STB) are automatically uploaded as well. With one click you can make sure all the files necessary to open a drawing from your web browser, iOS or Android device are placed in your account. No more looking at partial drawings or missing fonts.

Your Drawings are Always Up to Date Online

AutoCAD will make sure you will have the most recent version in your account. AutoCAD drawings change frequently and uploading them from your computer to your online account can become quite a task. For this reason we’ve made it so the Upload option in AutoCAD knows how to sync your drawings whenever they change. AutoCAD only syncs the changes you make so syncing happens faster and seamlessly. You never have to worry about saving your files to your AutoCAD WS online account before leaving the office – AutoCAD does it for you.


  • KB

    Some comments ;)
    1. Civil 3D 2012 and Internet Explorer crash when you upload a file and trying to do something else, like “Manage Uploads”.
    2. Any plans to choice which folder to upload/sync files to?
    3. Any plans to save Xrefs like in original local paths? Works better if/when I use my own file server and with WebDAV-connections.
    4. I get logged out from Autocad WS on my standard browser (Chrome), when I use Autocad’s Online-functions (IE).
    5. Any plans to offer free choice of browser to use?

    • Daniel

      Ken let me try to answer one by one.

      1. We’re looking into this now. Can you email more details of what you were doing when it crashed to feedback@autocadws.com? Thanks.
      2. It’s definitely something we’re thinking about.
      3. Also on the roadmap.
      4. For now, you can’t be logged into one AutoCAD WS account from two different places. I’m guessing you have a 64-bit version of windows which means whenever you do anything online in AutoCAD it opens IE. As soon as you open IE, you are logged out of WS in your Chrome browser. D’oh. We are aware of this issue and we are planning to resolve it with the next release.
      5. Not quite sure what you meant here, but it may be related to your 64-bit Windows which uses IE with AutoCAD for browser dialogs.

      If you have any more questions, you can get in touch directly at feedback@autocadws.com. Cheers.

  • lucjan

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  • lucjan


  • Michael

    Trying to upload a file from my desktop and I keep getting a “failed” message. Also in trying to connect to the server, it does not seem to recognize my “name” and “password”.
    I am on an Apple Macintosh platform, trying to upload a file created in AutoCAD 2011 for the Mac. Let me know what more info you need to help resolve.

    • Daniel

      Michael, hi,

      There could be a number of things going on here and it’s hard for me to tell. Are you trying to upload the file from within AutoCAD or are you using AutoCAD WS in your browser? Are you able to log in with your email address and password at http://www.autocadws.com ?

      The best thing would be for us to continue this conversation via email. I am writing to you now and I’m sure we will be able to resolve this problem together.

  • Bill

    It sounds great that AutoCAD will upload and sync drawing modifications up to WS. What happens though, when a change is made by someone to the drawing in WS? Will that sync back down to the file on my server?

    • Daniel

      If it’s a design that you are sharing, then any changes made by one of the people sharing the file will be synced for all users with access to the same drawing. If you’re both editing the drawing at the same time you will see each other’s changes in real time.