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Why Use the Cloud Tool?
12:32 am  .   August 19, 2014  .   admin

What is one shape that does not represent a real life object in a drawing? Duh, a cloud! This is why we use a cloud shape to isolate a certain section of the drawing to annotate and make notes. The cloud shape will not be confused as a part of the actual drawing.

AutoCAD 360’s Cloud tool is great because it is easily noticed and is free and flexible to use.

One simply has to:

1) Tap on the Cloud tool in the Markup toolbar.

2) Free draw around the desired area to mark it up (the tool will naturally make your shape look like a cloud).

Arrows and text can be added in or next to the cloud area to explain necessary notes in any language.


We hope you find this tool useful. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks.

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